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Fine art is that in which hand, heart, and head work together.

An ethical copywriter and critical thinker, I'm morally invested in what and how I write. In every decision I make, I refer to a cogent system of values, derived from the Arts and Crafts ideals I so esteem. No two projects are the same, but principle ensures I find my way.

Stand by minimalism.

People often think that using long-winded sentences affords them a certain professionalism, but the reverse is manifestly true. 'Less is more' is a hackneyed expression, but its value still stands. In simplifying complex language and omitting needless words, I ensure the reader will grasps the meaning I set out to convey.

Demonstrate integrity.

Ethical copywriting is about creating messages that are truthful, transparent, and aligned with the highest possible privacy standards. It's about messaging that's unlikely to deceive or disorientate, whatever the objective might be. I believe in going above and beyond with research so I can write with integrity.

Respect tone of voice.

Once we've reached consensus on your tone of voice strategy, I'll ensure I apply the same vernacular to all collateral you require. Should a product request seem incompatible with your pre-determined target demographic I'll make you aware: that way you can decide whether you'd like to adapt your public-facing image.

Think holistically.

A firm believer in the potential for language to form impressions, I appreciate the importance of aligning what I write with your existing body of work. I offer a full-service solution, from proofreading and editing to tone-of-voice curation and support with illustration, web development, and graphic design. 

Culture is everything.

I refuse to acknowledge the distinction between the fine and applied literary arts, so often drawn out by marketing agencies. In my book, copywriting is about conveying a bright idea in a way that evokes emotion. The artist-copywriter is unstoppable, prepared to communicate those values typical of art and culture.
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