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When learning and skill work together expect a masterpiece.

Writing with integrity means taking the time to research the subject matter in detail. It means getting familiar with the audiences listening in for what it is you have to say. Before I put pen to paper I'll always make sure I have a grasp of the place, product, concept, or finding I'm writing about.

Primary research for
clarity of purpose.

It's important that we both have the same understanding of your project before the creative process begins. As a rule of thumb, I would look to interview the multiplicity of voices with your marketing department or research team. That way, I can start to build a picture of who you are and how you speak collectively.  

Market analytics for
audience growth.

Systematic and data-oriented copywriting has the most reliable results: advances in analytics technology mean we have the tools to measure the performance of text and how specific content resonates with specific audiences. Allow me the time to run a market-driven campaign and I'll tailor the UX to your needs.

Semiotics for clear

In both academic and commercial contexts, semiotic research can be helpful in exploring unexpected or less visible connections between words and meaning. Once I've delved into the semantic universe and found words that could be of use, I can draw up a semiotic square to determine their mutual compatibility.

Arts research for
research's sake.

With a background in the Arts, I have the confidence and the expertise to conduct digital humanities research. Take me on for research purposes and I'll go beyond making your upcoming building survey, case study, or product launch sound compelling to help put it into cultural, theoretical, or historical context.

Literary reviews for
factual accuracy.

Sometimes copy editing is about subject and verb agreement, spelling, and grammatical accuracy. Often, it means rewriting content to better convey the author's voice. When the subject matter is technical or academic, I'd look to conduct an analysis of prior research to ensure I'm making informed decisions.
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