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Two hundred and fifty period pieces, each with a precious story
waiting to be told.

Ever-plagued by drop-ins, who cared more for carat weight than historicism, David Radmore commissioned a copywriter who believed the value of an antique jewellery piece exceeds the sum of its parts. We set our sights on specialist collectors some way from his bricks-and-mortar store. 
Brooch 6.jpg
Radmore's of Truro
Object biographies stimulated fresh interest in lockets, pendants, and gentlemen's signet rings.

Historical commentary bolstered the investment case for semi-precious metals and stones.

Period and style filters worked together with match recommendations to ensure collectors buy more than one item of antiquarian interest.
Language came to define every product in the collection, by way of the website (which I designed) and the new product inventory (which I curated). It shaped the narrative of the business, its workshops, and the creatives it employed. The least popular items were in demand before long,
their value now manifest, even
to inexperienced collectors.
Contemporary design movements echoed through the web design and the photography:
the old was symbolically framed by the new. 

The suggestion was that an advanced knowledge, skill, and technology base was being deployed to preserve the collection.
Radmore's of Truro
It was but a matter of time before the sizeable currency of the Radmore's collection was acknowledged by antiquarians.

The multi-platform advertising campaign deployed to launch the new brand identity had engaged special interest groups nationally, while new marketing materials sustained confidence in the brand.


copywriting for brand identity;
search engine optimisation;
copywriting for sales growth.

Services commissioned.


primary research for clarity of purpose;
market analytics for audience growth.


art direction for photography.


full-service web development;
full-service graphic design.
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