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Quality's not an accident, but the result of intelligent effort

Over the course of my copywriting practice I've reworked and fine-tuned my message development and creative production processes to ensure the same concern for factual accuracy, communicative effectiveness, and Ruskinian craftsmanship percolates through every piece of applied art I create. 

Identity development.

It's important that we both have the same understanding of your project before the creative process begins. As a rule of thumb, I would look to interview the multiplicity of voices with your marketing department or research team. That way, I can start to build a picture of who you are and how you speak collectively.  

Research and analysis.

Quality copy is defined as much by accuracy as tonality. Any good writer takes the time to research the subject of their work, and I'm no exception. Before I put pen to paper I'll always work tirelessly to get to the essence of the product, place, or idea that I'm writing about. I can also map the potential audience reach.

Tone of voice curation.

Once I've built up the knowledge base you require, I'll set out mapping my findings and translating them into style choices in my language. It will only be a matter of time before you're invited to comment on some indicative copy and determine the scope of the collateral to which the proposed tone of voice will be applied.

Creative production.

In its purest definition, creative production is writing clear, concise, and compelling copy. At its most complex it involves using any medium necessary to bring your creative concept into being. Let me work with your illustrator, photographer, or graphic designer and I'll take your collateral to the next level.

Strategy development.

To ensure a smooth transition to in-house production, I'll meet with your team to formally present your tone of voice dossier and answer questions about the application of your new vernacular. This phase is perhaps most relevant to commercial clients, but it will assist anyone looking to fine-tune their writing style.
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