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Architecture can tell a remarkable story, but only if you know where to look.

The realisation that the former Charlton House was an architectural hodgepodge – an unlikely cocktail of Jacobean, Regency, and Victorian elements – gave rise to a campaign that put eclecticism and individuality front and centre. Our target demographic: London-based eccentrics.
Montigo Resorts
Local folk narratives redefined the underused apple orchard a dreamy ceremony location.

Idiosyncrasies in the architecture rendered even the smallest rooms desirable boltholes.

Quirks in the floorplan leant themselves to the proposed segmentation of the restaurant into three distinct spaces.
Words rooted in architectural and cultural history found their way onto the website (which I designed), the social media (which I handled), and my far-reaching portfolio of print and digital collateral, inspiring interest in what
was otherwise a rather small, unassuming country hotel.
An about-turn in the hotel's brand image was achieved thanks to one simple suggestion:

Montigo Resorts had no need to define itself through corporate art and petroleum paints;

modernity would make itself known in the service offering, in the wellness facilities, in a genuinely progressive ethos which, pertinently, challenged the status quo.
Montigo Resorts
The conclusion of my efforts was the most extravagant display of eclecticism I've ever had the good fortune to curate: a launch event, at which thirty local artisans were invited to make the brand manifest, through art.

New partnerships would be established. Media coverage would veer in a new direction. And the truth behind my creative process would be exposed.


copywriting for brand identity;
search engine optimisation;
copywriting for sales growth.

Services commissioned.


primary research for clarity of purpose;
market analytics for audience growth.


brand direction for event management;
art direction for photography.


full-service web development;
full-service graphic design.


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