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Behind every image lies a multiplicity of words.

Neurologists and SEO experts would both have it that verbal thinking is the dominant mode of processing. Words are needed to make sense of images for search engines and brains. Let me loose with visual media and you can enjoy cross-pollination across your content.

Art direction for

Copy is more relevant than ever when it comes to ranking in search engines: it's often said a good landing page needs at least a thousand words. But if the UX tells us a picture is just as valuable, it stands to reason your copywriter should be working with photographers to safeguard the visuals their words evoke.

UX support for
graphic design.

When copy comes before design, there tends to be a smaller margin of error when curating brands. Copy dictates the size, tone, and imaging of the collateral, so it's always abetter place to start. Well-versed in graphics, I can work with your designer or take on some of their duties to put you on the right track.

Wireframe drafting for UI architecture.

You may have heard of wireframes from your UI developer, but copywriters use them, too. It doesn't matter whether they redefine or simply depict a predetermined structure: these visual representations of webpages can be useful for expressing precisely where copy will sit on your site and what its impact will be. 

Typesetting science for optimised copy.

Typesetting influences mood. It draws copy into dialogue with historical precedent – and it engages audiences. Taking on a copywriter who grasps the science shaping their work means refusing to leave readability to chance. It's having every base covered from font psychology to kerning and UI design.

Brand direction for
promotional events.

No copywriter will admit that 'actions speak louder than words', but there's certainly something to the concept of integrity through doing. If you're looking to run an event that aligns with your brand's fine-tuned tone of voice, I'd be glad to  help: let's start with the brochure and see where we go from there. 
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