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A bit about billing.

What will it cost?

I charge a simple flat-rate, determined before the creative process begins.

My rate reflects the sum of expenses I expect to incur, the number of words I anticipate writing, and the total number of hours an effective output requires.

Not wanting to disadvantage small businesses, I waive the perceived value added fees many copywriters charge.

Why charge ahead of time?

Issuing an invoice at the end of the process would be problematic for one simple reason: you'd have to pay for ideas that take time to come to fruition. 

Your no-obligation quote provides a sense of what I think the job will cost. Any overtime is on me (unless you feel the need to add something to the mix).

Why charge for extras?

A quote for a job is just that: quote for job. If you decide that you'd like to draw a little extra something into the frame - art direction for photography, for instance, or graphic design for the very brochure I'm writing the copy for - that's fine, but you'll be issued a new quote before the work begins.

If the cost is prohibitive, then I can put the follow-up project aside for the time being and continue with my other work.

How long does it take?

This depends on a number of factors, the chief among which being the scope of the project and the scale of my workload at the time of our consultation.

I tend to work on short timescales, but there are times where I'll be working with more than one client at once.

Naturally, I'll give you a sense of when you can expect work to be completed at your consultation. Thereafter, I'll give you daily updates on my progress.

Why does writing take time?

Copywriting's as much about the thinking as the writing. A good writer takes the time to become familiar with the subject matter, to develop a cogent tone of voice strategy in line with client expectations, and to ensure their word choices maintain engagement and flow.

My flat rate covers everything from primary research to market analysis, proofreading to copy editing. It accounts for the considerable amount of time it takes to put clear, concise, and compelling words down on the page.

How does billing work?

Once we've moved past the quotation and consultation phases, I'll need you to confirm via email that you're happy with the scope of the work. I'll take this as authorisation to issue my invoice.


You'll need to pay 50% of the quote upfront, preferably by bank transfer. The rest will be payable upon delivery. 

I'll kickstart the ever-important creative process as soon as I receive the deposit.

Can you match a quote?

My rates are competitive: they account for the unique balance of skill and experience I possess. Put simply, they're neither extortionate, nor cheap.

You can go cheap and cheerful if you want, but the same is true with copy (and content) as with whisky, cigars, and tailoring: you get what you pay for.

When you invest in quality copy you're not just paying for words. You're buying a brand new image for your brand. You're firming up your market positioning to drive sales. You're sharpening up the argument in your article to hammer home the conclusion you've fought so hard to find.

How can I know I'll be happy?

Writing is personal: it needs to fit your brand and the audience you're trying to reach. If you find that the copy I've come up with is not quite what you had in mind, then let me know at our review.


Based on your feedback, I can revise the copy until you're happy with the results.

Is SEO work included?

Like most copywriters, I know how to make SEO work for my clients. I can carefully tailor my copy to drive traffic, and I can adapt meta information, page descriptions, and key words using a blend of CMS and analytics tools.

When I scope the project, I'll take the time all this takes into account. But you won't be charged an 'extra' as such.

If necessary, I can help out with more complex SEO tasks such as directory submissions and robot.txt crawlers, but these are best handled by an expert.

When can we get started?

Soon, I hope. I try my very best to get us through to the consultation stage within a week. It depends on the number of commitments I'm needing to balance.

Send me an email today and you'll be sure to hear back within 24 hours.

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