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Image by 4motions Werbeagentur
I approach words with the Ruskinian work ethic and aesthetic sensibility of an Arts and Crafts furniture designer. It doesn't matter whether I'm writing a poem, proofreading an article for an academic journal, or setting the wire for a commercially oriented webpage: I have an eye for detail and an ear to the artistic tradition it represents.
I can craft thought-provoking sentences with a specific target audience in mind.
I can influence the process of reception by deploying custom-made visual elements.
I can make informed language and design choices by conducting extensive research.
Radmore's of Truro
Montigo Resorts
The potential for quality copy to redefine an established brand was made manifest in my work with a Cornish antique jewellery shop.
My knowledge of architecture and strategic heritage assets was used to good advantage as I went about rebranding a country house hotel.
Research and deadlines don't daunt me. Nor does editing long-form content, setting type to promote engagement, or crafting copy that gets the point across. Taken together or apart, my experiences in academic and professional life demonstrate my ability and versatility as a writer.
Image by Natalia Y.
I provide intelligent content, free from marketing jargon, at competitive prices.
I take you with me every step of the way with a legible client-centred process.
Work with me and we'll demonstrate the rich potential of the applied arts. In the tradition of the architect, the carpenter, or the cartographer we'll apply beauty to articles of utility and generate engagement as a result.
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